About Us


PPI Projects Pvt. Ltd. Is an innovative and Fastest Emerging Company in the field of complete Clean Room & HVAC solutions. The company was registered to continue the pursuit of excellence and customer focus which is lost in global environment. PPI aims to provide you with an on-time, energy efficient quality solution with the directors of the company directly involved with all facets of the business. We provide our customer, with friendly support & services on-site, where it matters the most. We have a unique team whose expertise is based on moral values to continuously support you throughout your project.


Laboratory: As per NABL Norms for Micro-biological, Chemical and Instrumentation laboratories.
Pharmaceutical Unit: As per GMP, W.H.O. Norms for Tablet, Capsule, Ointment, Liquid, Eye Drop, Ear Drop, W.F.I., I.V. Fluid, Dry Injection, Dry Syrup and Soft Gel.
Cosmetics Industries: As per GMP, W.H.O. Norms for Shampoo, Cream, Lotion, Oil etc.
Food Processing Unit: As per FSSAI norms for Milk Powder, Protein Powder etc.
Medical Devices Industry: As per GMP, W.H.O. Norms for Disposable and NonDisposable.
Hospital/Operation Theater: As per NABH Norms.
Electronic Devices Manufacturing Unit: Production/Assembling Area.
We Deliver Turn Key Projects within Stipulated Time at Low Cost with System Validation and Documentation like Design Qualification, Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, and Performance Qualification with all Test Certificates of Materials.
We Provide Following Drawings from Start of the Project till Completion:

HVAC System: With Room Name and Dimension, Area, Volume, ACPH, Clean Class, AHU Zoning, Pressure Zoning, Temperature and RH, HEPA housing placement. Return air riser placement, Supply air duct layout, Return air duct layout, AHU Placement ,AHU drawing with specification, Chilled waterline with size and specification ,Chilling Unit, Electrical Panel Drawing.
Man Movement: Shoe rack, Air Shower and Air Curtain positioning drawing, Garment Cabinet, Cross over bench with slippers rack, Garment disposal cabinet/Dustbin, hand wash with IPA positioning and mirror, gloves, caps, Door positioning in or out according to the pressure.
Material Movement: Unloading Ramp, duster moving tunnel, material receiving area with Samplingbooth, RejectedMaterialarea, ApprovedMaterialarea, Dispensing booth, In Process Bin, Trolley, Air Lock, Pass box, Conveyor, Dispatch Bay.
Clean Room Puff Panel with Specifications and Class Selection for Processing Area: Air Locks, Laboratories-Microbiology, Chemistry, Instrumentation, Change Room and Corridor with maximum See-through view in rooms, Corridor to room and room to room, Door position, Pass box position, Riser position, Cut-outs for HEPAHousing,Lightingfixture,Electricalpoint,Waterline(Raw,DMandRO, Hot water), Steam line, Compressed/Hot airline. Doors with view panel.

Our Vision

We are independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion. After many years of ground breaking achievements, PPI Projects is now embarking and anticipating on a major process of evolution, to adapt the technological advancement and evolution going on in the world.

We operate to increase the impact of our HVAC Business as, we intend to be the most effective, efficient & accepted company globally.

Our Speciality

To minimize contamination and optimize the best product quality.

We have a dedicated team of experts who find solution for Man and Material Movement (from Raw material till finish goods), Control of cross contamination, Maintenance of Clean Class of Air with Room Pressure Zoning and Monitoring, Temperature Control with Auto-Cut system and Monitoring, Relative Humidity Control with Auto-Cut System and Monitoring in CLEAN ROOM – HVAC as per process and regulatory requirements.

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