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Automobile industry is a very wide industry, we provide complete Automobiles ventilation solutions.

In Automobile Industry, ventilation and dust is a major problem. Dust is generated during the buffing and grinding operation carried out at various stages of the parts being manufactured. Fumes are generated during the welding operation. All these processes form a very essential part of the production and without these the components cannot be manufactured. Good ventilation and dust extraction system not only ensures a healthy working environment for the workers but also reduces the maintenance of the machines. Dust and smoke free environment also results in increase in production and reduces the down time of the machines.

Paint Shop

Today's automotive paint shop is a key focus area within the manufacturing process. Understanding the complexities and interrelationship of the process parameters is critical to developing an efficient and cost-effective environment. Humidity and temperature control, paint flow, viscosity, and body temperature are just a few of the areas that factor into a smoothly run facility. Working with PPI Projects you can receive best-practice knowledge and technology regarding:

  •   Achieving consistent quality with improved painting technologies.
  •   Relieving competitive pressure to improve quality at less cost.
  •   Compliance with environmental regulations, such as the Clean Air Act.
  •   Compliance with safety including personnel, solvents, and combustion.
  •   Supply chain efficiency – delivering painted bodies in the right sequence.

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