Project - Hospitals & Labs

HVAC system design and products for medical facilities, hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotech is highly specialized and highly scrutinized. After all, there’s a lot at stake. The efficacy, efficiency and reliability of the HVAC system is critical to the health of a building’s occupants and to operational costs. In medical facilities and hospitals, air handling is more than comfort. It is a part of care. HVAC system design for medical facilities requires engineering and industry experience.

Air Distribution Systems

  •   Ceiling air outlets.
  •   Sidewall air outlets.
  •   Floor air outlets.
  •   Displacement outlets.
  •   Air outlets for assembly rooms.
  •   Volume flow controller.

Cooling and Heating Systems

  •   Metal, gypsum board and plaster ceiling systems.
  •   High-capacity ceiling systems.
  •   Chilled sails.
  •   Chilled beams.
  •   Facade/Floor-mounted systems.
  •   Wall-mounted systems.

Cleanroom Systems

  •   HEPA filter air outlets.
  •   Ventilation and air-conditioning systems for hospitals.
  •   Supply air ceiling and recirculated air ceiling for operating rooms.
  •   Fibre filter.
  •   Dissection outlet.
  •   Filter Fan Units.
  •   Clean work stations.

Modular OT

  •   Modular ceiling and wall panel EGP sheet.
  •   Control panel.
  •   Manual Hermetically sealed door.
  •   Laminar flow.
  •   Pressure relief Damper.
  •   LED X-ray view panel.
  •   Seamless conductive flooring.
  •   Motorized view window.
  •   Single arm movable pendent.
  •   Scrub Sink.
  •   Hatch Box.
  •   Fixed pendent.
  •   ICU

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