Project - Pharmaceutical Industry

HVAC System Design

With our projects we provide achievement of required air cleanliness class for a specified room in accordance with GMP,FDA & WHO requirements which is additional to air filtration require a constant number of air changes maintenance of pressure cascade between adjacent room of temperature and air humidity within narrow band defined velocity and type of airflow as well as the manner of room rinsing.

Equipment Manufacturing

PPI specializes in execution of HVAC application in the field of clean room technology as well. Besides production of modular component system for clean rooms PPI is a producer of HVAC equipment and process systems. Hygienic version of air handling units is an integral part of PPI productions.

Central Monitoring System

Monitoring & control of all critical parameters such as temperature ,humidity, pressure and air volume. Management of all interlocks of all critical parameters is also provided. The entire system is built in compliance with GMP, FDA & WHO requirements.

Equipment Commissioning and Start-Up and Measurement with Calibrated Instruments

HVAC system commissioning & measurement of critical parameters is carried out in conformity with ISO14644 & GAMP5 ,in line with the previously agreed and adopted test protocols which are an integral part of the validation documentation.

Preparation of Validation Documents

PPI offer includes preparation of validation documents according to the GMP & WHO requirements more specifically :


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